Sleepypod Is Luxury Travel For Your Pet!

Sleepypod dog storyElvis is comfy cozy!

We travel with our furry best friends throughout the year. In the car, on the plane, on the tour bus and even to the office (if you're like us)! But how can they travel from one place to another and still be safe and comfortable? The answer is: Sleepypod!

LATF’s Pet Corner contributors discovered Sleepypod and their variety of pet carriers. Elvis, Laurie and Blanche had a chance to learn about a few of their items:

  • Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed for cats or dogs
  • Sleepypod Cat or Dog Air carrier
  • Clickit Sport or Utility dog safety harness

The wonderful thing about these products is that they are all crash tested at the standard set for child safety restraints. The designs are very sleek. Although the pod and carrier isn’t that light, it assures your pet’s comfort and safety.

Sleepypod pet storyKevin takes Elvis from the office to the airport!

The Mobile Pet Bed is great, even if you’re just going to the park for a picnic. You can transport your dog in the circular carrier and then unzip the top lid to make it a bed! Talk about luxury.

The Air Carrier is perfect for traveling from one airport to another. It’s easy to attach to your luggage. Unlike other carriers that wobble and fall off, the Sleepypod is sturdy. These are first-class designs!

Sleepypod pet storyLaurie and Blanche get ready for a weekend getaway!

The Clickit harness can be a little tricky to setup, so we definitely recommend watching their demonstration videos:

And for those who love individual colors, each item comes in various colors; from black to red, orange and turquoise. Their line comes in sizes for all animals: small, medium, and large.

Sleepypod clickit pet carrierSleepypod is a Pasadena-based company known for re-inventing pet products through innovative design. We give Sleepypod all 4 paws up for meeting the new critical guidelines set by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS)!

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