Sassoon Salon’s Dianne Degnan Talks Hot Summer Hair Colors

Christina aguilera, hair color, by Dianne DegnanChristina Aguilera in 3 color looks by Dianne Degnan

With every new season comes new looks and trends in beauty. Summertime is here and many women are tempted to change up their hair color. From blonde to blue, pink to violet, we are seeing all the colors of the rainbow. One of the top colorists in Beverly Hills, Dianne Degnan of Sassoon Salon sat down with us to talk about the hottest trends for the summer…

For California women, going BLONDE has always been a preferred color, highlights especially. Is it still the most popular?

Blondes do have more fun… I think the classic California blonde will always be a signature look, but working in the heart of Beverly Hills, I have a very diverse clientele and I feel I get the chance to do it all.

A few months ago, metallic colors were in; what about now?

Yes, we have been seeing a lot of metallic tones of late. It went from very smoky silver/grey to smoky lavender. Now we are seeing a lot of our blonde highlight clients putting a rose quartz toners over those highlights to create a dimensional rose gold look.

Dianne Degnan, Sassoon Salon, hair colorWhile young women have been using more daring colors for a while, I have noticed more seasoned women at Sassoon with purple, pink, blue, highlights.  What is the most requested at Sassoon? 

People are becoming less afraid of color. I think it is becoming less shocking in society and the work place to see these creative, brighter tones in the normal everyday working person. And when executed well with the correct balance, placed perfectly within the haircut, it can look very soft and beautiful.

Is it a growing trend? 

Yes, people are having fun and experimenting with their hair.

What are those colors made of? What kind of chemicals are in it?

I don’t work for a product manufacturer so I couldn’t list the chemical ingredient. But, as a color professional, I can say that to achieve these brighter or pastel colors the hair has to be bleached first, which, if not done with integrity, could cause severe damage to the hair.

Dianne Degnan, Sassoon SalonHow can we help our hair to stay healthy?

Treat you hair like your skin.  Be kind and gentle, don’t over chemically treat it, and use nourishing products daily. When I recommend products to my client, it is like a prescription to mend any problem areas.

Is The ‘Mermaid’ multi-coloring hair the new trend? Have you done this for clients? What can you tell us about the process involving multiple colors throughout the hair?

Mermaid hair is very popular at the moment, as you mentioned it is a multi-colored hair technique usually performed on pre-lightened hair using pastel or very vibrant tones which blend from one to the other. The key to this technique is the blend.. you can choose any color combination but you must perfectly blending them together seamlessly.

Is there anything else on the horizon?

I am developing a new technique called hair contouring…. I’ve designed it to individualize a client’s color using the philosophy of the make-up trend, it’s about adding depth and lightness to specific areas to create the perfect blend of highlight (for brightness)and shadow (for depth and thickness).

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Dianne Degnan, Sassoon SalonKristen Bell & Calista Flockhart – color looks by Dianne

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