Get the ACM’s Red Carpet Look With Tarryn Feldman

Celebrity hairstylist, Tarryn Feldman shared some hairstyling secrets from her looks on the stars at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night!

Jana Kramer's look:

Products used: T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer, T3 BodyWaver 1.75” Styling Iron and T3 2.5” Anti-Gravity brush.

1. To begin, I prepped the hair with Oribe Volumizing Spray and then lightly misted R + Co Strong Hold Spray.

2. Next, I sectioned hair into 4 pieces and dried the hair with the T3 2.5” Anti-Gravity Round Brush and the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer.

3. After her hair was completely dry, I sectioned the hair into 4 pieces and used the T3 BodyWaver to curl hair away from the face.

4. Once I finished curling, I sprayed Oribe texturizing spray at the root and teased to create volume. 5. In order to create more texture, I brushed out the curl and teased the wave. To finish, I sprayed with Kevin Murphy Doo Over and R + Co Strong Hold Spray to hold the look.

Maddie & Tae's look:

Products used: T3 Whirl Convertible

1. To begin, I started with dry hair and teased the crown of the head.

2. Next, I divided hair into 6 horizontal sections down the back of head and secured each section into a pony. To add texture, I used the T3 Whirl Convertible iron on each pony. EXPERT TIP: Use a texture gel to smooth hair back to secure the hair tightly into each pony

3. I then created a ‘topsy tail’ on top 4 sections. Typically when creating a “topsy tail,” you make a space behind the elastic and pull the pony through. However with this look, I did not pull the hair all the way through, creating small bun on the top 4 ponies.

4. I used the remainder of the pony from the small buns to wrap around the base of hair elastic and weave through the actual bun; securing with bobby pins. 5. I teased the 5th and bottom pony and added knots all the way down. To finish, I tied off with hair elastic at the bottom and spritzed with light hairspray.

Tae's look:

Products used: T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i and T3 SinglePass 2

1. Starting with wet hair, I added shine cream and used the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer to blow out the hair. I then sectioned the hair into 4 parts and flat ironed each section using the T3 SinglePass 2.

2. Next, I had her flip her hair over so her head was upside down. I then divided the bottom into 3 sections from the nape of the neck to the crown of the head.

3. Then, I created a Dutch braid using the 3 sections, braiding up the head from the nape to the crown.

4. I teased the remaining hair using Oribe Texturizing spray and then secured into a high pony (including the three braids!)

5. Then, I wrapped and knotted the high pony into a topknot and secured with an elastic and bobby pins. EXPERT TIP: Pull on the braids to make them bigger and add more texture.

6. I finished by pulling out sidepieces in front of the ears and spritzing with hairspray.

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