Bedroom Spotlight: Tempur-Pedic Unveils New Line

tempur-pedic breeze Tempur-Pedic has unveiled their new TEMPUR-Breeze™ line.

"Sleeping hot" is an issue that many can relate to. A survey of owners of all major brands of mattresses conducted by Tempur-Pedic revealed that 46 percent are self-described "hot sleepers," making a potential solution to this industry problem relevant for almost half of all customers.

Scott Thompson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tempur Sealy said, "We developed the next-generation TEMPUR-Breeze line to help the many people who struggle with getting restful sleep because they wake up hot during the night. We've worked tirelessly to optimize every component of these beds to make them extraordinarily cool and breathable."

The new TEMPUR-Breeze line delivers all the famous benefits of TEMPUR® material – adaptive support, pressure relief and motion dispersal – while also leveraging proprietary technologies that enable consumers to sleep cooler and wake more refreshed. TEMPUR-Breeze features an integrated system of technologies that work together to help you sleep cooler and more comfortably during the night.

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