Learn About Cognac & Chocolate Pairings

Cognac and chocolateYou're home sitting by the fire… and what better way to add to the cozy comfort than pairing Cognac with chocolates.

Cognac provides the ideal breadth of aromas to pair with the taste and texture of chocolate. Defined as "a unique combination of sweets and sips" by the spirit tasting experts, food specialists and writers who attended The Cognac Board's pairing session, this culinary marriage offers many flavor experiences. For lighter-bodied Cognacs, creamier and softer chocolates are better suited, and for older and bolder Cognacs, go with intense-flavored chocolates.

White chocolate / Cognac Frozen VS– Experts recommend Frozen VS with a white chocolate: its subtle cream and buttery tones blend harmoniously with this category's oily texture.

Crunchy hazelnut praline / Cognac VS – VS Cognac complement a fondant and rich texture such as caramel or hazelnut pralines. Those flavors soften the bite of the VS.

Dark chocolate covered fruits / Cognac VSOP – The bitterness of dark chocolate, including those with nutty, floral and fruity notes, pairs well with an aged Cognac, standing up to its complexity.

Dark chocolate / Cognac XO – Oak, clove, black pepper and dried fruit, the aromatic characteristics of XO respond to the roundness of simple and intense dark chocolate. As the fullest and richest of all Cognacs, XO also enhances creamy notes of vanilla and caramel macarons. or

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