For The Whisky Aficionados: Japan’s Yamazaki Whisky

Yamazaki whiskyWere you aware that Japan made some of the best whisky in the world?

Perhaps not the amateur whisky drinker… but if you are a connoisseur, then you know all about the Yamazaki whisky distillery which was established in 1923 by Shinjro Torii. It was Japan’s first malt whisky distillery and the pride of Mr. Torii. His first spirit ran from the still on 11th November 1924. Located between Osaka and Kyoto, the company reigns in the Vale of Yamazaki. The whisky distillery is part of the Suntory brand and houses twelve stills of three different varieties. This allows Yamazaki to produce the range of flavors necessary for Suntory’s blended whiskies.

A bit of history:

It is very difficult to source whisky for blending in Japan; there are two parent companies: Nikka and Suntory. Between the two, they own almost every distillery in Japan, thus there is little exchange between different distilleries.

The Yamazaki Twelve Year-Old was launched in 1984 and was the first seriously marketed Japanese single malt. $160.00

The Nose: A Good body, succulent with soft fruits, (peach, pineapple, grapefruit, clove, candied orange, vanilla) with plenty of nut oils including Mizunara (Japanese oak).

The Palate: Smooth and soft with good sweetness and winter spice. Citrus note develops with more tropical fruit notes (coconut, cranberry)  butter and a little rum.

The Finish: Medium with fruit and zest. sweet ginger, cinnamon.

The Color: Pure Gold

The Yamazaki 18 years old $500.00

Rich with mature autumn fruit, the award winning Japanese single malt, Yamazaki's legendary 18 year old earned 2  Gold medals: The first at the 2007 International Spirits Challenge and a Double Gold at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The nose is thick with a pleasant oiliness and zesty citrus. Hints of sherry, raisin, apricot, cafe au lait blend together with Mizunara (Japanese oak) and orchard fruits.

The palate has a medium-body with green notes, mixed with blackberry, strawberry jam, dark chocolate.

The finish is long, smooth with spicy fruit and a definite zest.

The Color: A deep amber.

Yamazaki's remarkable malts are highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world. Today, Yamazaki is not only the No.1 single malt whisky in Japan, and can be found in more than 35 countries, but their prices vary from $160.00 and $21,900.00 for their 35 year-old whisky. Now that's special…

A great gift for Christmas to all whisky aficionados!

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