David Beckham Strikes A Fashion Deal With Kent & Curwen 

David BeckhamDavid Beckham is getting down to fashion business, announcing an exclusive five-year agreement playing a multifaceted role in working with the high-end men’s wear brand: Kent & Curwen.

In an agreement with business partner Simon Fuller, Beckhamwill be personally involved in multiple aspects of the Kent & Curwen business, from product development, market expansion and advertising to store design and location. Trinity’s plans include the creation of new Kent & Curwen collections and marketing campaigns inspired and influenced by David Beckham as well as the opening of new flagship stores in China and other markets around the world, and the launch of an e-commerce site.

Trinity Limited’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Richard Cohen said, “Kent & Curwen was established in 1926 as a sports-related gentlemen’s fashion brand, so it’s a perfect fit to have David as a business partner – a true gentleman, celebrated for his fashion style, and the British sports hero of his generation.”

Mr Cohen went on to say, “We are honoured to have David play a substantial role within the future development and management of the Kent & Curwen business. Sports-related men’s fashion is a significant growth opportunity in China and beyond, and I am confident that David, as a global icon, will enable us to engage more deeply with existing customers, and attract a new clientele to the brand.”

Mr David Beckham said, “I’m always looking to work with brands and companies that have a rich history and authenticity. When this authenticity is rooted in the country that I came from, it attracts me even more to the partnership. What I love is that Kent & Curwen has a pedigree and excellence that has been passed not just through generations of Britain’s most celebrated style icons, from Laurence Olivier to Michael Caine and Mick Jagger, as well as many others who have worn their products. Our aim is to build on its existing popularity and success in China and establish it as a powerful brand globally.”

Mr David Beckham will work with Kent & Curwen’s design team to develop a personally branded collection for Fall/Winter 2016.

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