Pour Of The Month: Dry Creek Vineyard’s Old Vine Zinfandel

Pour Of The Month: Dry Creek Vineyard's Old Vine Zinfandel

LATF USA is thrilled to launch our POUR OF THE MONTH, where we will be highlighting and featuring some wonderful wines, from Napa Valley to Italy and beyond.

For our first wine spotlight, we’re taking you to Sonoma County. Meet Dry Creek Vineyard, a family owned winery. Since 1972, the winery has been a leader in the preservation of historic old vine Zinfandel vineyards in this particular region.

They recently released their newest vintage Old Vine Zinfandel in July of this year with a memorable new package and innovative cork closure. Uniquely produced via dry farming with a vine age of 95+ years on average, their Old Vine Zinfandel was the perfect first POUR OF THE MONTH.

OVZ is a well-rounded wine that is absolutely perfect to accompany any kind of high quality red meat, such as a filet mignon or a NY steak. As the wine is heavy, pairing this bottle with a filet would make a splendid marriage. 

During harvest, the OVZ always shows a distinct aroma and flavor profile. With a barrel aging of 16 months in French, American and Hungarian oak, the wine offers a broad array of blackberry, balck cherry, blueberry and toasty oak notes.

The blend is 75% Zinfandel, 23% Petite Sirah and 2% Carignane.

As Dry Creek says, this is the kind of wine that requires some good jazz. Perhaps you can enjoy a bottle at your next dinner party with some Billie Holiday and Chet Baker!

The cork closure is another exciting aspect of the bottling. The winery laser printed detailed information about the cork directly onto the closure. Data such as the age of the cork forest, the harvest date of the trees and detailed information about the sustainable habitat these incredible forests provide to the Iberian Lynx and Spanish Imperial Hawk are some of the details that appear on the cork.


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