Garden Spotlight: Kickstarter Campaign For BINGARDEN

‘Master of Disguise’ Inventor, Nick Staley (42) said: “We are on a mission to hide ugly wheelie bins & store smelly garbage cans with flowers, herbs, fruits, plants & veggies all over the world! – Early Birds cost £170, about $265 USD.”

The clever wheelie bin cover invention looks like a pretty wooden planter brimming with flowers & plants but doubles as a secret ‘storage housing disguise’ for a wheeled bin / trash can that’s hidden away inside the new garden product.

Taking out the trash BINGARDEN™ style; the garden slides in an easy single-handed motion that quietly opens & shuts the bin’s lid for you without need to touch the dirty bin. A side of the “planter” opens to remove the bin on garbage day.

Bin Gardens will come in three sizes, small, medium & large to hide differing sizes of wheelie bins / trash cans. Should they reach the £278,000 target (needed to meet 3 sets of factory minimum order quantities) via the popular USA crowdfunding website; Kickstarter. Here is the link to the BINGARDEN™ Kickstarter campaign:

If everything goes to plan; they’ll begin shipping in Feb 2016 in time for the Spring Growing Season.

Like most great inventions it was borne from necessity & personal needs having nowhere to keep the bin except right outside the front door. It stank & looked horrible. Now it’s a feature, blending into the garden surroundings, the ugly bin hides away & the pleasant scent of living flowers takes its place instead.

On one of (the many, quirky) videos Nick says: “Your Bin Garden will give you gifts! – Flowers for your vases, fruits & veggies for your dinner.” A photo suggests backers should claim back the (otherwise useless space) above their bins.

Whilst the team say “Owners can grow what they like above their bins”. They offer the warning that: “Whatever YOU do grow in YOUR BINGARDEN™ – just make sure it is legal, where you grow it! (We wouldn’t want anyone to get arrested for growing a Cannabis Bin Garden for example!”

The team identified an inherent design flaw that other rival “Lid-Lifting” Bin Covers have which requires the user to insert the bin backwards into the rival covers with the bin handles & wheels at the back beyond reach of the user. They claim that with such covers, once the bin is heavily laden, full of household waste, that these rival Bin Housings pose risks of injury to the users who also have to manhandle the dirty discharge end of the wheelie bin, the end that gets dumped in the Garbage truck. (Eww!)

The BINGARDEN™ on the other hand as well as having the novel sliding feature that automatically opens & closes the bin’s lid, also allows wheeled bins to roll straight in and out, the bin goes in the correct way around, as it was designed to be used. You rock the bin back & you roll. Why risk Injury? – Just ROCK n ROLL!

Bin Garden Ltd has its headquarters in Wokingham, Berkshire, U.K. An innovative family business. Nick Staley BINGARDEN™ Inventor is the Managing Director & Cyril Staley (71) is Company Secretary & BINGARDEN™ Co. Designer. A long-standing successful father & son team, who bring new innovative products to market. With more BINGARDEN™ products to come in future years as well as a variety of other products, the Bin Garden Ltd team are busy enlarging its intellectual property portfolio.


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