Katharine McPhee Releases “Hysteria” This July

Katharine McPhee will release her upcoming album, Hysteria on Friday, July 24th via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music). The debut track off of the album, “Lick My Lips” was just released via

Katharine’s latest album represents a huge transition for her as an artist as she has immersed herself in every creative element, from the conception of the song to the melody, lyrics, production, and more.

This album marks Katharine’s first real hands-on experience in the involvement of all facets of a song creation. She is actively collaborating with writers and producers, as opposed to simply stepping into a vocal booth and recording the vocals for a track. Isabella “Machine” Summers co-wrote and produced 5 of the songs. Ryan Tedder co-wrote one of the singles. Katharine was involved in the writing of every, single track on the album.

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