“A Beautiful Mind” Mathematician John Nash Dies In Car Crash

JOhn Nash


The mathematician who inspired the award-winning film, “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed on Saturday in a car crash. 86 year-old John Nash and his 82 year-old wife, Alice Nash lost their lives while driving in the afternoon on the New Jersey Turnpike, according to New Jersey State Police.

Russell Crowe, who portrayed the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician in the 2001 film tweeted, “Stunned … my heart goes out to John & Alicia & family. An amazing partnership. Beautiful minds, beautiful hearts.”

Nash won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994. They lived in Princeton, N.J., where John Nash was a senior research mathematician at Princeton University.

The famous film, “A Beautiful Mind” was loosely based on Nash’s life and his battle with schizophrenia.

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