1800 Tequila Gets Serious With Actors In “Enough Said Episodes”

1800 Tequila launched the second installment of its “Enough Said Episodes” video series, starring Michael Kenneth Williams. In the video, Williams, who is famous for his tough, antiheroic “Omar” on the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire,” travels back to Flatbush, Brooklyn to reflect and riff on the ice-cool machismo he learned growing up in this tough neighborhood. 

Williams said, “1800® Tequila champions an aura of uncompromising toughness – something I couldn’t have grown up without on the streets of Brooklyn. As an actor I’m ecstatic to be shooting back in my neighborhood and telling my real story to 1800® Tequila fans.”

In the first edition of the video series, 1800® follows brand spokesman and esteemed wiseguy Ray Liotta on a journey through New York City as he discusses his ceaseless pursuit of quality, as both an actor and an 1800® drinker, sharing teeth-cutting anecdotes of his rise in the industry.

Both videos are available at Official.

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