The Largest Complete Dinosaur Skull Is For Sale

Lung Wong Dinosaur skull

Photo: Evolved Limited

Lung Wong (The Dragon King) is the fossilized skull of a male Triceratops dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period, approximately 65 million years ago. Over 95% complete bone, 2.8 metres long, 1.6 metres high, and 1.4 metres wide, he is the largest most complete skull of any animal that has ever walked the Earth.

The dinosaur head is now for sale in Asia, exclusively represented by Evolved Ltd. The Dragon King was brought here by his private owners who have long connections with the region. A fossil of this magnitude and quality is only very rarely available for private sale anywhere, and never before in Asia.

Palaeontologists familiar with The Dragon King acknowledge that nothing approaching the scale, size and quality of Lung Wong has come to market since an unprepared Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil was acquired by an institution in 1997 for USD8.5 million.There is nothing like Lung Wong owned by anyone else in the world, including museums, institutions, corporations, or private individuals.

The name Lung Wong (The Dragon King) was inspired by the ultimate symbol of strength, good fortune and longevity in Chinese culture — the dragon. The feng shui dragon epitomizes potency, auspicious opportunity, individual achievement and personal excellence. As such, the name Lung Wong is an appropriate tribute to this remarkable connoisseur-grade piece.

A fossil of this magnitude and completeness only occurs through a very rare set of circumstances. The very existence of Lung Wong is due to the extraordinary good luck that has followed him through the eons. This unique Triceratops fossil has been crafted by nature, the greatest artist of all, and immortalised by elemental forces over millions of years.

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