We’ve Heard It All: Bunny Ranch Owner Adds A Team Of “Brothel Testers”

Bunny Ranch


Dennis Hof, owner of the world-famous Bunny Ranch legal brothel, star of HBO’s hit series “Cathouse,” and best-selling author of Judith Regan’s “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” is adding the title of “job creator” to his resume with the announcement that he is now hiring a team of “brothel testers” to oversee “quality” control at each of his seven Nevada legal brothels.

“The job is exactly what it sounds like,” says Hof. “You get paid a full-time salary to have sex with beautiful girls–and then evaluate their performance.”

The job interviewing process has already begun, and interested applicants should send their resumes directly to Dennis Hof at  

“I come from a background in sales, and delivering a quality product should always be the top priority of any salesman,” Hof says. “In the age of digital media and online customer-generated product reviews, business owners should be more aware than ever of the feedback from their client base.” According to Hof, “Hiring someone to oversee customer satisfaction is the key ingredient to ensuring the Bunny Ranch brand’s continued success, and I want that quality control to originate from the hands-on experience of the testers that I am hiring.”

In addition to the Bunny Ranch, Hof has purchased an additional six other brothels (comprising approximately 40% of the legal brothel business in North America) located throughout Nevada. That market dominance has made his brand the gold standard in legal prostitution.  

With the recent publication of Hof’s autobiography “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story,” he believes that increased attention to his life story will inspire future entrepreneurs– and those are exactly the type of applicants he is looking to hire for his new quality control division.

“I started out with nothing, but what I did always have, was a strong work ethic and a belief in the integrity of my product. There’s a future ‘me’ out there, and they’re going to read ‘The Art Of The Pimp,’ and be inspired by my story. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime to take those printed pages and replicate them along a path that I have paved, for the sale of safe and legal sex.”

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