SAUCEY Launches On-Demand Bartender Service In LA & San Fran

Absolut Vodka Saucey App

SAUCEY, the alcohol delivery platform that provides customers with the easiest, fastest and friendliest way to order alcohol and cocktails from an iPhone or Android, launched their on-demand bartender service in Los Angeles and San Franciscoalong with introducing a new series of cocktails featuring Absolut Vodka.   

As part of the launch, SAUCEY will be introducing two new packages each week featuring Absolut signature drinks. Users will have the ability to book one of SAUCEY’s top trained mixologists in addition to their cocktail package order. For these next few weeks, every Friday, SAUCEY will provide a unique “30 minute crash-course in mixology” that will be available to add on to any order until February 20, 2015 from 5-10pm. Each mixologist will be armed with fresh produce and a full bartending kit. Prices will range from $40-$100 depending on if the user is purchasing a cocktail package, or a package and a mixologist (typically serves 8-10).

“For us, collaborations like this are all about unlocking creative and new capabilities for the major players in the alcohol industry, while offering a completely unique experience to our users,” CEO of SAUCEY, Chris Vaughn says. “We are excited to launch our newest feature with Absolut as they have such an incredibly rich history, with every bottle in the world being made in a single town in (Åhus) Sweden. When we sat down with Absolut’s digital innovation team, we knew we had to create an experience for users that not only honors, but educates and connects people with this iconic brand. Our mixologists will not only be able to capture Absolut’s unique flavors, but teach customers the exact way to expertly create these signature cocktails and impress their friends.”

“At Absolut we are always looking for new and innovative platforms that provide value to our consumers,” said Tim Murphy, Vice President, Digital & Media, Pernod Ricard USA.  “We know that Absolut consumers are looking for a unique and convenient shopping experience, so we are excited that they will be able to take advantage of SAUCEY’s delivery and bartender program to learn how to create some of our expert cocktails.”

Since launch in May, SAUCEY has been working with companies to expand their reach to entirely new customer segments using highly targeted campaigns. Because SAUCEY controls their own dispatch and delivery network, they are able to provide brands with unparalleled visibility and perspective into consumer drinking behaviors.

Beyond launching unique experiences for their users, working with brands & retail stores, and providing jobs to drivers, SAUCEY also donates a percentage of every sale to Charity Water—a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to those who need it most. Turning drinks with friends into a charitable action.

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