Getting Ballsy With Balls Vodka

balls vodkaEven with over 18 years of experience in the spirits business, striking out on your own is still a ballsy move. That didn’t stop Yoav Sisley, the man behind the Balls Vodka brand, from doing just that. The pitch perfect name Sisley gave to his very first foray into making a custom spirit speaks volumes about his take no prisoners approach to building a successful liquor empire. Since its 2011 inception, Balls Vodka has gone on to be become the premium spirit of choice for gatherings ranging from fundraisers for multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, to the NY Musical Festival, Shining Services (a celebration of women in the Army), Maserati’s Superbowl fashion and music event, and many more. In fact, Sisley frequently hosts creative events and vodka tastings while negotiating new business partnerships to spread the spirit of his bold and brassy brand.

Known for its full-bodied, smooth flavor profile and exceptionally clean finish, Balls Vodka can easily be consumed on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Vodka as a spirit has long been a bartender and bar fan favorite due to its tasteless, colorless, and odorless qualities. However, even with all of these factors at play not every vodka is a premium quality vodka. Balls Vodka is a gluten-free, non-GMO corn-based vodka that is distilled four times for maximum palette agreeability. While distillation takes place in the Midwest, the diluting process—one of the most important steps in vodka making—is done in Rochester, New York. Why?

Because it is of the utmost important to the overall flavor of any vodka that it is diluted with the purest, cleanest water available. When this isn’t done, the result is an unpleasantly strong ethanol taste.  Less refined vodkas do not play well on the palette and often leave a disagreeable burn in the back of the throat. But Balls Vodka not only has big flavor, it boasts an incredibly smooth mouth feel that goes down effortlessly and leaves only a pleasant heat on the chest.

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