National Geographic’s Three Part Mini-Series “90’s: The Last Great Decade?” Starts Tonight

History can happen any day, anytime, anywhere and to anyone. That’s a lesson learned by some of the unexpected newsmakers for National Geographic Channel’s three-night miniseries event, “The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?,” narrated by Rob Lowe. Among the 120 participants sharing firsthand aspects of their stories of their unanticipated brushes with fame in new, original interviews are:

  • Christopher Darden, a Los Angeles district attorney whose career forever changed when he was assigned to the prosecution team trying O.J. Simpson for murder.
  • Richard Dean, an employee of the Social Security office in the Alfred P. Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City, who saved the lives of three people in the explosion that killed 168 people.
  • Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern whose relationship with Bill Clinton led to her becoming a legal target in an investigation and a media target like the world had never seen before.
  • Titus Murphy, who sped to the scene of a brutal attack on truck driver Reginald Denny as it played out live on TV in the wake of the Rodney King verdict, and helped the man to safety.
  • Kevin Powell and Julie Gentry, who signed on to an untested MTV social experiment called “The Real World,” and in doing so helped to create the reality TV revolution.
  • Judy Sheppard, whose son Matthew’s tragic death invigorated the gay rights movement.

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