Summer Skin: ‘elure’ Is The Answer To Skin Discoloration Treatment

elure skin products

Everyone has something they wish they could change about their physical appearance. For me, it’s always been my skin discoloration; also known as hyperpigmentation. What is it? Basically, if you break out or have a cut, it will heal in a darker shade than your original skin color. People with this skin problem try everything to lighten their dark blemishes; from lemon juice to skin bleaching products. I have gone through dozens of creams, cleansers, etc. but nothing really made a difference. That is, until I discovered elure.

As with any skincare product line, you must follow the steps morning and night to see results… and results I saw. Elure skin brightening breaks down into three different products:

Advanced Face Wash: Lathers into a rich and creamy foam that removes dirt and dead skin cells, and preps the skin for the Lotion or Cream. ($35)

Advanced Brightening Lotion: Melanozymeâ„ brightens, softens, and retexturizes skin morning and night. (45 mL for $125)

Advanced Brightening Night Cream: Also with Melanozymeâ„ to brighten and provide a mega dose of hydration. (50 mL for $125)

In just three weeks, I started to notice my even skin tone. The lotion, wash and cream are fragrance-free so you don’t have to worry about breaking out. After years and years of trial periods with countless skin bleaching products, elure is the only one I can truly recommend. Be sure to use all three products and both cream layers before you go to bed.

elure is available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other medical aesthetic specialist. Find them in your area at or purchase from 

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