Two Weeks Later, Still No Sign Of Flight 370

Photo Courtesy of CCTV / AFP/Getty Images / March 22, 2014

Over two weeks have gone by and a number of ‘could be’ clues have come and gone in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. But the search continues; this time for what appears to be a large object floating in the ocean.

Chinese satellite images spotted yet another figure, which shows a large object floating in the water. But the Australian-led team found no sign of it on Saturday. According to officials, the object is 22.5 meters long and 13 meters wide (74 feet by 43 feet).

China said the satellite images showing the “suspected floating object” were captured four days ago, on March 18. Earlier in the search for Flight 370, a Chinese satellite found images of floating debris. The latest object spotting is about 77 miles away.

Still, after six search flights, including two private jets – nothing was found. As reported by CNN – “It is more likely that a pair of eyes are going to identify something floating in the ocean,” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said.

Now Chinese planes will join Australian, New Zealand and U.S. aircraft in the search. Japanese planes will arrive Sunday and it had ships in the area or on their way, the Associated Press reported.

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