More Theories, No Answers For Flight 370

Photo Courtesy of CBS NEWS

It has now been one week since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing en route to Beijing. Every day theories surface, but little facts which can bring investigators closer to finding the plane. A new theory suggests that the aircraft carrying 239 passengers may have landed on a remote island in the Indian Ocean.

What caused this idea to bloom? Based on analysis of radar data revealed Friday by Reuters suggests that the plane wasn’t just blindly flying northwest from Malaysia. As reported by CNN, citing Reuters, unidentified sources familiar with the investigation, reported that whoever was piloting the vanished jet was following navigational waypoints that would have taken the plane over the Andaman Islands.

According to US Officials, an automated reporting system on the airliner was pinging satellites for hours after its last reported contact with air traffic controllers. This makes some investigators think the plane was flying for hours before disappearing off the radar.

Still, with little information gathered and an expanded search over the Indian Ocean – nothing brings investigators closer to an answer.

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