Styling Done Right With KareCo’s Thermal Brush

>Many women may not put a lot of thought into their hair brushes, but the quality counts. Ever since I cut my long hair for a bob, I’ve been searching for the perfect brush that will curl my hair and bangs easily while blow drying and won’t tangle or get caught in the process. LATF discovered KareCo’s 2.0″ Thermal Brush. It’s affordable, durable and perfect for styling. Ever since I started using the brush, it takes half as long to dry and style my bob!

It smooths and styles curls quickly and easily

Creates small, sophisticated curls or flips to bangs on short to medium length hair

Dome shape ceramic barrel speeds drying time up to two times faster

Turns out there is a science to KareCo brushes…

Natural ionic minerals emit negative conditioning ions

Breaks down water molecules for faster drying

Re-Hydrates, reconditions and restores hairs moisture balance

Hair feels smooth, super-soft and looks silky-shiny

Eliminates frizz and static fly-away

Ergonomic and durable

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