“Wolf of Wall Street” Breaks F*Bomb Record

The Wolf of Wall Street

If “Wolf of Wall Street” will be remembered for anything, it’s the controversy and now… the F*Bombs. The film has reportedly set the record for the number of times actors say the word “F^%k” in a non-documentary movie. According to Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and other members of the cast use the curse word 506 times. Rolling Stone writes, that means someone utters the word roughly 2.81 times a minute. The previous record holder was Spike Lee’s 1999, “Summer of Sam” with the f-word being said 435 times. Other big ‘F’ movies are “Casino” and “Goodfellas.”

It just so happens that the screenplay for “Wolf of Wall Street” is based on the memoir by Jordan Belfort which writes the F-word 737 times. 

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