More Celebs Hop On Board To Fight Animal Cruelty Testing

Ashley BellFollowing Europe’s cosmetics animal test ban in March, actress Ashley Bell has joined Cruelty Free International to call for an end to cosmetics tests on animals in the USA, as part of the non-profit’s mission to end product testing on animals worldwide.

Ashley Bell, who is set to make her Broadway debut in Machinal this winter,and most recently starred in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” webisode series “The Oath,” states: “In this day and age, it’s unconscionable that animals are forced to suffer for beauty products here in the U.S. I make the right choice, the humane choice, and only use cosmetics that are not tested on animals. I’m happy to support the great work of Cruelty Free International; the organization committed to ending cosmetic animal testing in the U.S. Europe has already established a groundbreaking change for animals by banning these cruel tests. It is now time for the U.S. to do the same.”

Ashley insists on only using cruelty free products at home and during filming, and wore Leaping Bunny certified cosmetics Tata Harper Skincare and Arbonne Cosmetics as she posed with her dog, Suzette, in a Cruelty Free International t-shirt to raise awareness of the continued cruel use of animals to test everyday cosmetic and personal care products, from soap to toothpaste.

Animal tests involve rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats who can be injected, gassed, force-fed and killed for cosmetics. Ashley Bell and Cruelty Free International are joining forces to bring about a ban in the U.S., following Europe’s lead and moving the U.S. off the global list of countries that still allow animals to be used in painful and fatal test to develop beauty products.

As well as supporting the work of Cruelty Free International to end cosmetics tests on animals, Ashley is currently directing and producing “Love & Bananas,” a feature length documentary that aims to educate the public and help end the universal practice of training elephants through cruel and abusive methods.

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