National Fatherhood Initiative Molds “Extraordinary Fathers” In The African American Community

African American fathers now more than ever are shattering the stereotype that they are not present in the lives of their sons and daughters. The battle cry is getting louder and the call-to-action more urgent for committed fathers who want to dispel myths and be counted among the men doing exactly what they should be doing—demonstrating in word and in deed that black fathers are raising healthy, responsible children.

National Fatherhood Initiative, founded almost twenty years ago to gives our nation’s children a brighter future by educating and engaging fathers, and the newest national movement, Extraordinary Fathers, are giving voice to present, involved fathers from all walks of life. And African American fathers in particular are heeding the call. Extraordinary Fathers, founded by Bill K. Middlebrooks, a Detroit business leader and the father of two sons, has begun a new, positive conversation about African American men and their role in raising their children. To support the movement, Middlebrooks gives examples of outstanding fathers in a new book written with co-author, Leslie M. Gordon, titled, Dare To Be Extraordinary: A Collection of Positive Life Lessons From African American Fathers ($24.75 hardcover, $16.50 paperback; available at

In the new book, Middlebrooks and Gordon breathe life into one of today’s most compelling social issues: fatherhood in the African American community. Through the personal stories of famous and not-so-famous business leaders, cultural icons, athletes, politicians, activists, doctors, newsmakers, and some of the best and brightest minds of our time—from “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts to former Mayor of Detroit, Dennis Archer—the authors share the lessons these extraordinarily successful men and women have learned from their fathers. Each story provides a roadmap to success for families everywhere, while uplifting and encouraging the many, many fathers who have stepped up and are determined to be present in the lives of their children.

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