Jay-Z & Beyonce Visit Cuba: Was It For Business Or Pleasure?

Jay-Z and Beyonce CubaWhen Jay-Z and Beyonce step out into the public eye, it already makes the news; whether they’re doing something interesting or not. Now that the superstar power couple has traveled to Cuba, it’s not just about what they’re wearing. Their vacation has caused an uproar in the media and political world. Why the upset? Since 1960, after Fidel Castro started to lead, harsh travel laws were placed on U.S. citizens. Restrictions included tourism, economic, trade, financial and commercial sanctions. Presently, Americans are not permitted to travel to Cuba for solely tourism purposes. The communist island doesn’t want us to book a flight to Cuba for leisure — find somewhere else to go.

So, why would Jay-Z and Beyonce choose Cuba when they have the money to rent their own island? Let’s put two and two together… One, Jay-Z is pursuing his sports agent career. Two, Cuba has brought Major League Baseball some of the best of the best players. Currently there are over two dozen Cubans playing for the U.S., from Yoenis Cespedes (Oakland A’s) to Aroldis Chapman (Reds). Perhaps he’s scouting for the next rookie? Jay-Z means business wherever he goes. Most likely he’s making another deal and it has to do with sports.

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