Ellie Goulding Debuts Video For New Single “Anything Could Happen”


The electro-pop singer/songwriter, Ellie Goulding, has just released a haunting new music video for her first single, “Anything Could Happen” off her sophomore album “Halcyon.” In the evocative video, Ellie, and what appears to be her soul mate, have gotten into a car accident. The futuristic and enchanting video leaves it up to the watcher to determine what exactly has happened to the couple post-accident.

“I wanted to do a video that made people really think,” says Ellie. “I wanted there to be a surreal aspect but also something very emotional and touching. The idea that so much can change in a single instant scares me and I like confronting my fears.”

Goulding’s debut album, “Lights,” was the best-selling debut album of 2010 in the UK. Certified double-platinum in the U.S., the single, “Lights” has sold 3 million copies and topped the Top 40 radio chart for two consecutive weeks at #1. Goulding will perform in Los Angeles on October 16th at the Troubadour.

By D.D.

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