Motorola ROADSTER 2 Carphone: A Life Saver

Many people risk their lives every day without even thinking. Talking on their cell phone while driving, texting on the freeway, struggling to find their phone in their bag when they should be paying attention to the road. You know who you are and I was certainly one of them. But why put your life in danger when there are some top-notch hands-free technologies available?

The ROADSTER™ 2 is the latest Bluetooth enabled in-car speakerphone from Motorola. It’s a life-changing gadget, making your driving experience safer and easier. The palm size speakerphone is multi-faceted; acting as a speakerphone, GPS tracker and voice powered texting device.


I always held my iPhone talking on speaker, or placing it on my lap. Basically, I was asking for a violations ticket. But once I discovered the ROADSTER 2, that all changed. The speaker conveniently attaches to your visor, making it perfectly placed to hear and be heard in the car. It has a best-in-class noise cancellation, so whomever you’re speaking with can’t hear the traffic outside. The first call I made, I asked “Can you hear me?” They replied, “Crystal clear!” The loud, 2-watt speaker works to combat cabin noise and wind, so you can have a conversation without shouting or straining to hear.

The second I get into my car, I feel as if I have a personal assistant with me. With My MotoSpeak™ application you get voice prompts and audible updates on battery life, phone status and it even announces who is calling from your contact list. The My MotoSpeak™ app also has the latest text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology (See internet for iPhone/Android compatibility). Simply press the smart button on your ROADSTER 2 to initiate a text message or to hear incoming texts and then dictate your reply. Yet another plus to this gadget is its connection to AM/FM radio, as well as your phone music playlists. You can take your ROADSTER 2 to the beach and it can act as an amplified speaker for your music.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better… Let’s say you forgot where you parked your car. The ROADSTER 2 will guide you. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the device connects to any Car Finder application (Motorola Car Finder app recommended). The innovative app turns on when you enter the car and when you leave, it automatically marks your cars’ location using GPS technology. As a reminder, you can also take a photo of your ride and even enter a voice or text memo to remind yourself of the floor or aisle you parked in when in a garage or large parking lot. When you are ready to return to your vehicle, the app will guide you back; showing where the car is in relation to where you’re standing.

After two weeks without charging my ROADSTER 2, it’s still on high battery level. Each charge gives you up to 20 hours of talk time.

The Motorola ROADSTER 2 is in all sense of the word(s) a “worry free” device. For us Californians, it has arrived just in time as our State government recently passed the law for drivers allowance to use hands-free technology to text message.  That’s one giant leap for humankind’s safety and care-free commuting!

You can’t go wrong getting one for yourself, your friends and family.

By Pamela Price

Price: $99.99

Note: This device supports Bluetooth A2DP, HSP, HFP profiles. In order for Bluetooth devices to communicate with one another, they must utilize the same Bluetooth profile. To determine the profiles supported by other Motorola devices, visit For other devices, contact their respective manufacturer.

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