Air France Airbus A380 Flies to Hollywood


Living in LA has so many perks, including an international airport which is definitely a plus if you travel a lot. We recently became aware that Air France’s newest and biggest aircraft; Airbus A380 does indeed depart daily at 4:00pm from Tom Bradley Airport arriving in Paris, Charles de Gaulle at 11:30 am the following morning. Fascinated with aircrafts and boats since childhood, I couldn’t wait to get into discovering the many features which made traveling on A380, the ultimate in luxury. The 516 seats are divided in 4 cabins on 2 decks. La Premiere, (First class) which most of us can only dream of with 9 seats, Business Class with 80 seats, the Premium Voyageur with 38 seats and the regular Coach or Voyageur, (that sounds so much better) with 389 seats. The plane has 6 bars, 200 windows and is equipped with noise levels which are 5 decibels lower than the standards.

You may think that such a big plane is a problem for the environment but on the contrary it is one of the most environmentally friendly aircrafts with less that 85g of CO2  produced per passenger kilometre.

The comfort on board is for everyone, with 30% wider seats than on any other fleet. Passengers can recharge their laptop batteries in sockets located around the cabin. A new entertainment guide with even more films.

Live images outside the aircraft thanks to three external cameras located at the front, below and at the rear of the aircraft whose images are transmitted live throughout the flight.

And my favorite “Moodlighting:”different lighting ambiances designed to cross time zones without feeling tired.

Premium Voyageur offers 40% additional space, a reclining seat inside a fixed shell in an intermediate cabin. Inside the fixed shell, the seat reclines to 123°, allowing passengers to relax comfortably with their legs extended with a legrest whose height can be adjusted, an electric socket for a laptop with a wide tray, paper and a glass. There is a noise-reducing headset for optimum enjoyment. The exclusive passengers also benefit from Affaires class amenities such as the toiletries kit, the feather pillow and the pure wool blanket. The in-flight meal service is the same as in Voyageur.

Air France’s Business cabin is situated on the upper deck. Providing relaxation and a calm environment. Each passenger sitting in a window seat benefits from additional side storage compartments for their personal belongings; something to consider when traveling.

The A380’s spacious cabin enables a longer and wider “full-sleep” seat.  (over 2 metres long and 61 cm wide) making it one of the largest seat beds on the market.

For First class cabin, Air France has redesigned the cabin interior in shades of warm grey, with lighter, delicate colours, enhanced by different lighting moods. With 9 seats on the main deck, Air France’s First class cabin offers each passenger unrivalled comfort. Equipped with new, easy-touse seat controls. Each passenger is welcomed aboard with an amenities kit with Lanvin beauty products. At the front of the First class cabin, passengers have the use of a private changing cabin with natural light. They also benefit from exclusive areas, which include a bar with a buffet to have a drink, something to eat, relax or visit with each other without disturbing the calm of the cabin. Only First class passengers are allowed to use the wide 14-step staircase during the flight to access the art and culture Gallery. This area presents exhibitions in partnership with the world’s major art institutions, on video on three 38-cm screens.

The only thing left over is for you to choose the date of your trip and the cabin that is best for you.

Bon Voyage!

By Michele Elyzabeth

Images Courtesy of Air France

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