Rihanna Launches Fenty Hair With Nine Products

From Rihanna, the creative force who revolutionized the beauty industry in 2017 with the launch of Fenty Beauty, comes another game-changing brand, Fenty Hair, a lineup of nine hair care and styling products built upon the unifying ethos of “Beauty For All.”

Combining Rihanna’s radically transformative approach to hair and her unparalleled experience as someone whose hair has done it all, with cutting-edge formulas and an unwavering commitment to community, Fenty Hair—a brand rooted in repair—is ready to lead another beauty category revolution.

Clinically tested repair technology is infused into every product—from cleansers to leave-ins, to stylers—to ensure you’re repairing at every step. No matter your hair type or texture, there’s something for everyone in this lineup.

Fenty Hair created Replenicore-5, a proprietary complex that’s included in every product. This potent blend of amino acids, proteins and antioxidants was clinically tested on people across all hair types, by stylists and by Rihanna herself to repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth and protect. Replenicore-5’s powerhouses, Barbados Gooseberry, Upcycled Jackfruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Green Tea Extract and Amino Acids, are all packed with nutrients known to fortify and promote healthy hair. Together, they create a continuous loop of repair. It penetrates—mending split ends, hydrating and thickening strands from the inside—which then helps to strengthen and prevent future breakage.

The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo ($29)

The Rich One Moisture Repair Conditioner ($29)

The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner ($29)

The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment ($36)

The Protective Type 5-in-1 Heat Protectant Styler ($28)

The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream ($28)

The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel ($26)

The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel ($18)

The Sidestick 3-in-1 Edge Tool ($18)

Fenty Hair will be available on June 13, 2024 at

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