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Crime rates have risen across the United States. We don’t need to cite any statistics to publish that fact. From home break-ins to assaults on public transportation and package theft, it’s difficult to go one day without reading a headline that doesn’t include one of these three crimes.

According to’s annual report, 17% of Americans have had a package stolen in the past three months.

Then there’s the common neighborly dispute. 23% of Americans have called the police because of their neighbors, according to a survey. When it all goes south, who’s to say that your property is safe from vandalism and your Amazon packages will actually make it to you?

With all of these day-to-day conflicts and crime obstacles, we decided to seek out the latest in security technology. What’s the best for a small business and/or a family who is in need of surveillance security? With inflation, what’s the most affordable?

We found that the majority of security camera systems are not only costly, but they also require a monthly or annual membership in order to keep track of your footage.

Then we found eufy. Their introductory pamphlet actually reads: “We hate monthly subscription plans as much as you do.” That says it all. eufy (always lowercase) offers high-quality surveillance without any extra payment beyond buying the camera.

We set up and tested their DUAL CAMERAS 2-IN-1 BATTERY OR WIRED POWERED VIDEO DOORBELL paired with the S380 HOMEBASE with expandable local storage. Once you download the app on your smartphone, installation and pairing is a breeze.

Great for both home and business, the eufy Security app organizes video events by date and has an incredible AI Edge facial recognition technology that can name the same person. Depending on your notification settings, you will receive alerts based on the sensitivity of your motion settings.

You can set everything to your needs including:

  • Time recording from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.
  • If you’re watching live, you can screenshot and record.
  • Audio recording is available as well.
  • Manage the power to preserve battery life.
  • Set up a delivery guard to notify you when a package is delivered.

After working with the system for a couple of weeks, we can safely say that eufy should be at the top of your list when shopping for a security system. Not only is it user-friendly but their reliable systems give you peace of mind.

Whether you’re a first-time parent in need of a baby-cam, a pet owner, or looking for an easy-to-use and navigate security system, eufy sat down with LATF to give all of the need-to-know about recommended products and the evolution of surveillance.

How has video surveillance technology evolved over the past few years?

In the last two years, there has been increased adoption in DIY home security, where the customer is installing their own security cameras and/or monitoring their own security system rather than paying for professional installation and monitoring service. Much of this trend can be linked to security devices becoming more intuitive thanks to simpler user interfaces, streamlined WiFi synchronization and increased trust in local storage versus cloud storage. Specific to eufy, we’ve also introduced an industry-first known as “cross-camera tracking.” This feature utilizes eufy’s BionicMind™ A.I. to identify individuals captured on camera in each video using facial recognition and body detection (e.g., posture, walking style). When the same individual appears across multiple cameras within a specified timeframe, the system automatically locates and merges the footage into a single video and notification. This allows the user to easily and quickly review the entire movement activity of that specific individual in a single video.

Tell us about your Dual motion detection. 

eufy’s Dual Motion detection feature is another great example of the recent enhancement of home security technology without sacrificing simplicity. We’ve created dual camera devices in four different form factors — 1) solar-powered outdoor camera — 2) wired indoor security camera — 3) battery/wire-powered video doorbell and — 4) wired floodlight camera. These dual camera devices are designed to give the user both a wide angle perspective for monitoring movement and events across a larger area, such as a front yard or backyard, as well as a telephoto lens camera that can zoom in to detect smaller, more specific details such as license plate information, the color of someone’s eyes or a nametag on a shirt.  (The video doorbell’s dual cameras are designed with a different purpose — one camera is pointed straight ahead to monitor visitors, couriers, etc., and the second camera is angled toward the ground to track and monitor the delivery and retrieval of packages).

What do you recommend for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their furry family members?

The eufy Indoor Cam S350 is a great option for pet owners who want to track their four-legged friends. 🙂 In addition to the dual camera capabilities, this Indoor Cam is designed with full pan and tilt flexibility that tracks the movement of the user’s pet and eliminates blind spots. The only thing that can get in the way of the Indoor Cam is if the pet hides behind a corner, under the couch, etc. But the moment that the pet walks back into the camera’s frame, the device will pick up movement all over again.

What do you recommend for first time parents?

If the first-time parents are also first-time homeowners, I would recommend that they spend some time determining what are the major access points in and out of the home that need to be monitored. For example, a Video Smart Lock can be a great way to make sure the front door is locked whenever it needs to be, including when the parent forgets to lock the door before leaving…the Video Smart Lock can be locked (or unlocked) remotely. Does the home have a pool? If so, indoor cameras and outdoor cameras that have a clear view of the back door on both sides should help give parents peace of mind. Parents can also install entry sensors on their doors and windows to receive notifications and/or audio siren alerts when anyone opens or closes those potential access points. The eufy website has some great articles for first-time parents and first-time homeowners alike.

Find the eufy security system that works for you here. 

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