Honey Stinger Nutrition Gives The Weekend Warrior The Energy They Need

If you’re a part of your local running community, recently checked a marathon off of your bucket list, or consider yourself a weekend warrior, then chances are… you’ve heard the buzz (pun intended) about Honey Stinger products for performance and recovery.

With countless nutrition products, from gels to bars, being passed out at races and run clubs, it’s difficult to differentiate from what works and what doesn’t. I decided to try the Honey Stinger line myself and learn about how the company came to be…


It turns out that Honey Stinger’s founder, Bill Gamber, was a competitive athlete himself. A runner and cyclist, Gamber came from a honey producing family. He thought that honey’s natural properties made it a great energy product for sport. Gamber and his small team carved out a niche in the endurance world and built the foundation for an solid brand.


Despite our society putting Carbohydrates in a corner, the right kind of carbs are essential for performance and energy. The right blend of carbohydrates are essential for all phases of athletic activity. The blend of carb sources in Honey Stinger products allows for combinations that include fructose, sucrose, glucose and/or maltose. These varied combinations can deliver increase absorption, oxidation, reduce stomach upset, and help improve performance. Honey also contains a diverse source of antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals in the body to help immunity and prevent systemic disease.

Many athletes rely on a few bowls of spaghetti 36 to 24 hours before a race in order to convert to the energy they need, but Honey Stinger has the right carb combos for on-the-go instant energy to give you that boost before the finish line. To look at carbs in more detail, carbohydrates are composed mainly of simple sugars known as fructose and glucose, and they help maintain exercise intensity and support high-level performance. Fructose and glucose are considered high glycemic carbohydrates. That means they are digested and absorbed quickly and are readily available as an energy source for the muscles and brain. They are also easier on the stomach than other carbohydrate sources.


I have tried my fair share of performance and recovery products. Honey Stinger’s are by far the most delicious. Recently running a 9-mile trail through Griffith Park, I popped their Fruit Smoothie Energy Chews. Perfect for any distance and especially throughout a marathon, these chews give you instant energy. You’re not overwhelmed with any artificial flavors.

Their Energy Gels and Chews come in a variety of yummy fruity flavors: Fruit Smoothie, Pink Lemonde, Cherry Blossom, Pomegranate Passionfruit, Strawberry Kiwi and more. Check out their caffeinated chews as well.

Next to their chews, Honey Stinger’s winning product has to be their WAFFLES. Classic and gluten-free options come in flavors from Salted Caramel to Cinnamon and Cookies & Cream. It’s difficult not to eat these for dessert, they’re so good.

Of all the sports nutrition companies, Honey Stinger has one of the widest varieties of flavors and forms: Bars, Chews, Waffles and Drink.


Joining Honey Stinger in late 2018, Wendy Mayo has led the re-branding and expansion efforts for the 20-year-old Steamboat Springs, Colorado-based sports nutrition brand. A brand builder and champion for women in sport, Wendy has a passion for fostering strong team cultures inside outdoor and food brands. Today, Honey Stinger has the College Hive Ambassador Program, supporting athletes including USC Lacrosse: Kait Devir, USC Soccer: Mary Flores, USC Track & Field, Lauren Reed, USC Football: Bear Alexander, USC Baseball: Duce Robinson, USC Women’s Basketball: Dominique Darius, USC Women’s Volleyball: Megan Verbiest, USC Men’s Basketball: Brandon Gardner and USC Men’s Volleyball: Dillon Klein.

I recommend trying their variety packs to find your favorite. Bring Honey Stinger along on a hike, run, cycle…

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