The World’s Oldest Man Dies At Age 114

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, the world’s oldest man, has died at the age of 114, LongeviQuest has confirmed.

Sr. Pérez Mora had the fourth-longest living lifespan of any known man in human history.

He was also the fourth-oldest person (of either gender) before his passing.

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora was born in El Cobre, Táchira, Venezuela in 1909 and lived in Venezuela throughout his life.  Married in 1938, he had eleven children in total.  In 2023, he became the first man in over a decade to reach the age of 114.

LongeviQuest Latin America Research President Fabrizio Villatoro, who met Sr. Pérez Mora in May 2023, reflects: “He was a very hard-working man throughout his entire life.  He was surrounded by the love of his family in his later years.  He said his longevity secret was to believe in God and be a good person to others.  That’s what he taught his children and grandchildren.  Despite many difficulties, he always kept himself positive.”

After Sr. Pérez Mora’s death, the oldest known living man in the world is 112-year-old Gisaburō Sonobe of Japan.

LongeviQuest (LQ) is the global authority on maximum human longevity.  The organization was founded in 2022 as a collaboration between the world’s leading age validation experts, with professional researchers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Among its notable research achievements, LongeviQuest validated the first recognized supercentenarians in India and the Philippines. 

Further information, including the largest database of validated living supercentenarians, can be found at

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