Gordon Ramsay Launches New Series “Idiot Sandwich”

Gordon Ramsey rounds up the biggest social media influencers and digital content creators to go head-to-head in his new Ultimate Sandwich Making Competition.

The first episode launched on his Youtube channel on January 17.


The “Idiot Sandwich” meme was born in 2015 from a sketch on the Late, Late Show w/ James Cordon, starring Chef Ramsay, which went on to become a viral sensation. Now Chef Ramsay is turning the success of that meme into its own digital series where contestants compete to create their best, most unique, and hopefully delicious, sandwiches.

In each episode, three competitors race against the clock in front of a live audience on the Las Vegas Strip to assemble their own sandwich creation, in an attempt to impress Chef Ramsay, and be crowned “Idiot Sandwich.” Presented by Hexclad Cookware, “Idiot Sandwich” is executive produced by Gordon Ramsay and produced by Studio Ramsay Global, a FOX Entertainment company.

“It was incredible to watch that one tongue-in-cheek moment, turn into this huge, viral sensation.  I’ve been thinking for a while about trying to find a smart way of turning the ‘Idiot Sandwich’ meme into its own series,” said Gordon Ramsay, executive producer and host of Idiot Sandwich.  “As an idea that exploded on the internet and across social media, there was no better way to bring this series to life, than having it air as a digital exclusive, have some fun and showcase the sandwich-making skills of some of the biggest influencers and content creators out there,” said Gordon Ramsey.

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YouTube: @gordonramsay


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