This NFL Team Has The Most Wins In Past Decade

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Odds and sportsbooks comparison site Oddspedia analyzed the results of NFL games spanning over a decade to determine which teams have won and lost the most games.  

Kansas City Chiefs rank in first place, winning 118 out of the 164 games they have played in the past ten years, including their most recent victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team’s best year was 2022, when they won 14 games, including the Super Bowl. The team has also lost 46 games over the past ten years, the lowest number of losses out of all NFL teams.

kansas city chiefs

Despite losing their recent game against the Miami Dolphins, ranking in second place is the New England Patriots, who have won 111 games out of 164 total games. Similarly to the Chiefs, the team’s most victorious year was 2016, when they won 14 games, including the Super Bowl. The team has lost a total of 53 games since 2014. 

At the other end of the scale, Jacksonville Jaguars rank as the team with the most losses. The team has lost 114 games out of 164 games played since 2013. 2020 was a challenging year for the team, losing 15 games and only winning once. The team’s most successful year was 2015, winning ten games but still losing six.

In second place are the Cleveland Browns, who have lost 108 out of 164 games since 2013. 2016 was one of the worst years for the team, having lost 16 games and having zero wins.

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