The Haunt Ghost Tours Are Horror-Filled Historical Adventures

‘Tis the season for haunted houses, pumpkin patches and ghost stories around the campfire. A fan of the paranormal and spirits unseen, I wanted to find a Halloween seasonal experience that was interactive and unique.

The Haunt Ghost Tours are incredible city walks filled with horrifying history lessons and even ghost hunting devices.

Located in Los Angeles, Solvang, Temecula and San Francisco, the tour guides are comprised of passionate paranormal investigators and storytellers, committed to sharing the thrilling, magical and eerie stories of those who have passed.

The tours were founded by Wes Leslie (also a musician) and Jordon Jo (also a musician) who met at SF State in 2008, bonding over their interest in music and the unexplained.

I opted for the San Francisco tour, led by Rose. A wealth of knowledge, Rose comes from a lineage of ghost hunters.

At 8PM on a Saturday night, a solid crowd of curious tourists gathered at the base of the Transamerica Pyramid where Rose passed out EMF devices. After a rules and safety introduction (“Look both ways when you cross the street – No New Ghosts!”), we began our walk through the city.

We held out our EMF meters, which detect electromagnetic fields and… street voltage (watch out for those, they’re not ghosts).

From Powell Street, we gathered in the alleyway to learn all about San Francisco’s horrific past; from earthquakes to bull stampedes, dynamite explosions and the origin of “shanghaiing.”

I was fascinated, not only by the fact that Rose could walk and talk the entire time, but also everything I was learning about the city’s history.

As we passed the haunted Hippodrome, we turned into Chinatown (ask Rose for restaurant recommendations). The city was alive… and so is its ghost community.

Did we come in contact with the paranormal? Yes, I believe that we did.

Where and when? You’ll have to visit San Francisco and take the tour for yourself. I recommend it and plan to try all of the cities.

How long is the tour? Assuming no spirits or poltergeists interfere, the tour will last 1.5 to 1.75 hours.

How long do you walk for? 3.5 blocks away from where you begin (7 Waverly Place).

Happy Ghost Hunting and Happy Halloween!

One of the final stops on the tour. What happened here? It’s terrifying.

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