Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Gets Cooking Show on NatGeo


National Geographic and Antoni Porowski embark on a global adventure with the greenlight of NO TASTE LIKE HOME WITH ANTONI POROWSKI, an all-new docuseries following Porowski, New York Times bestselling author and star of Netflix’s hit series “Queer Eye,” on his epic journey to discover the rich heritages of global celebrities by way of their ancestors’ food traditions, techniques and culinary experiences.

With extensive culinary expertise, a passion for connecting people through food and pride in his own Polish heritage, Porowski guides celebrities on an unprecedented journey toward cultural and personal discovery.

“Food is such an integral part of understanding who we are and where we come from,” said Porowski. “I am so grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, alongside some wonderful friends both new and old, traveling the globe, making up for all the times I skipped geography class in high school, to explore food traditions and cultures, and am honored to embark on this journey with National Geographic.”

NO TASTE LIKE HOME is a fascinating, feel-good series that will beautifully thread together family food stories from past and present,” said Studio Ramsay Global executive producer Gordon Ramsay. “I’m really thankful to our celebrities who came on this journey, taking us to all corners of the globe, inviting us into their lives and trusting us to tell their family’s food stories in this way.”
From local water taxis to off-roading 4x4s, each episode will place Porowski and his guest on an epic adventure and capture cinematic moments. Locations planned in the first season include South Korea, Germany, Italy, Senegal and Malaysian Borneo, New York and Texas. The docuseries also features exclusive, intimate conversations between the travelers as they open up to Porowski, sharing family stories, their connection with food and culture, and the new perspectives they’ve gained about their heritage and themselves.

This greenlight exemplifies Nat Geo’s commitment to partnering with passionate storytellers to share their captivating journeys with fans all around the world. Traveling with Porowski on culinary adventures represents our desire to ignite people’s curiosity in our world.

Celebrities featured in season one will be revealed by Porowski through his social media (TwitterInstagramFacebookTik Tok) into the series lead-up.

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