This AI Technology Can Help Prevent Wildfires

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With all the negative talk surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), it does do good in the world.

Members of the nonprofit group Emergency Preparedness in Calabasas (EPIC-FSC) commend Cal Fire for pioneering the deployment of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology designed to revolutionize wildfire detection and response efforts.

This groundbreaking initiative, which began just two months ago in six Cal Fire emergency command centers across California, has already delivered exceptional results by identifying 77 wildfires before any 911 calls were received.

“We wholeheartedly commend Cal Fire for their visionary adoption of AI technology, which significantly enhances our collective efforts in mitigating fire-related tragedies within our community and the surrounding regions,” remarks Brian Cameron, President of EPIC-FSC. “Swift wildfire detection translates to a higher likelihood of protecting our community and its residents.”


In the aftermath of the Woolsey fire, EPIC-FSC was born by a group of Calabasas residents and has since been at the forefront of wildfire safety education, emergency preparedness, and community engagement efforts in Calabasas and the surrounding regions. One of the nonprofit’s key initiatives is the comprehensive hardening of all 8,400 homes in Calabasas to ensure the entire community is well-prepared for emergencies.

The AI-driven system operates continuously, monitoring camera feeds for anomalies, particularly smoke, an early indicator of wildfires. Upon detecting an anomaly, the AI initiates an immediate alert to Cal Fire officials, accompanied by a red box highlighting the anomaly on their screens. This rapid response mechanism empowers authorities to swiftly verify and address potential fire threats.

The success of this proof-of-concept has been nothing short of extraordinary, identifying wildfires in their nascent stages—often well before traditional reporting methods come into play. This strategic advantage provides EPIC-FSC and Cal Fire with a crucial edge in their mission to safeguard communities against the devastating repercussions of wildfires.

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