BAKBŌN Is Good For The Spine

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For the past couple of years, I have been warned to watch my posture. I did not even realize that I was sitting in a hunched position. Was it due to spending hours on the computer combined with getting older? More than likely, both contributed to my developing poor posture.

Per Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, my chiropractor: “Poor posture can lead to muscle aches, joint pain, and cause excess stress on the nervous system. Something to consider as the nervous system controls every cell and tissue of the body.”

The benefits of good posture will improve your balance, breathing and your energy. Occasionally, I saw a device called BAKBŌN which claims to help train your brain and body to recognize and repeat proper form while wearing it, not relying on the device to do it for you. There’s no way of knowing whether this device works or is just another false claim. After Looking into it, I learned that BAKBŌN is an adjustable, hands-free tool to help you keep your spine in a neutral position, promoting better posture and back health.

However, when I read Dr. Tucker’s newsletter professing that; “BAKBŌN was one of the tools he used to help demonstrate and correct spinal, muscle, joint imbalances, and improve the function of the nervous system,” I just had to try it. Having undergone 2 hip replacement surgeries, I understand that BAKBŌN is an essential tool for physical therapy especially while recovering from injuries, or rehab after surgery.

It will help improve strength and mobility.


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You may wonder why BAKBŌN is so helpful in finding your neutral spine position for proper posture. Well, I had a chance to speak with the inventor Dan Craytor, who explained the concept of BAKBŌN. According to him, it helps you protect your spine and allows more explosive movements. When you move and exercise in a neutral spine position, you are strengthening dormant muscles that support the spine. You can even wear it at the gym. He stressed that BAKBŌN is not correcting your posture but making you aware of it while allowing the body to correct itself. Easy to carry and light, you can take it with you everywhere.

On the positive side, I have been wearing BAKBŌN for the last 2 weeks and already noticed being more conscious about my posture. I can feel my back muscles reacting to the device after wearing it from my morning walk with my dog and a couple of hours in the afternoon at the office. I asked Dan if the device could be worn without the sticks and found out that in fact some people do. It is still very effective.

Feeling its efficacy, I am now convinced that BAKBŌN is a must have… But the real reason to own one is that it works.

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