George Floyd Forever Day Three Years After Protests

george floyd anniversary

If you can believe it, it’s almost been three years since the death of George Floyd: May 25th, 2020.

The controversial case caused nationwide protests and kick-started the Black Lives Matter movement.

On the 3rd anniversary, George Floyd’s family is declaring May 25th: George Floyd Forever Day

Protests took place around the world and former Minneapolis officers were convicted in 2021. Floyd’s family are pushing forward for more progress. Selwyn Jones is the co-founder of the Hope929 Foundation, the charity focused on promoting civil rights and creating change in honor of his nephew George Floyd.

On a mission to make a positive impact for communities, Uncle Selwyn has traveled the country over the last 3 years speaking with victims of police violence and advocating for social justice. He is building on the conversation around equality for all races in America and improving treatment of minorities by police.

Selwyn has been working to support the federal passage of The Medical Civil Rights Bill, which would establish the statutory right to medical care during any police interaction where the person communicates they are in a health crisis. If there’s any question about a person’s medical condition while in custody then it would be the officer’s legal obligation to call for EMS.

Speaking with The Boston Globe last week about the bill Selwyn said “This is about preserving life” and that with it “Eric Garner, Tyre Nicholes, and George Floyd, they would’ve all been at Christmas last year.”

With the 3rd anniversary of his nephew’s tragic death this week, Selwyn is also looking to make May 25th “George Floyd Forever Day” to commemorate and memorialize his life.

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