AI Transforms Super Mario Characters Into Villains

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Inspired by the release of Super Mario Bros. Movie, which debuted big at the box office earlier this spring, casino comparison site Online.Casino has transformed protagonists from the Super Mario franchise into dark and sinister versions of themselves using the AI art program, MidJourney.

“These reinterpretations of iconic Super Mario characters demonstrate just how versatile new AI tools can be for bringing ideas to life that would once have been left only to the imagination. Presenting these familiar heroes in a new light also allows fans to consider the intriguing possibilities that emerge when characters take on roles outside of their traditional character arc.” said a Online.Casino spokesperson.


evil mario

Mario, formerly a cherished hero who diligently saved Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches, has evolved into a threatening antagonist. The AI-generated Mario is no longer the happy, mustached plumber we know and love. Instead, he has a malicious grin and a menacing glimmer in his eyes. The iconic red cap and overalls have been replaced with darker tones, and his normally well-kept hair has been allowed to grow out of control, giving Mario a sinister aspect that sends chills down Mushroom Kingdom residents’ spines.


AI-generated Luigi is not the friendly, green-clad sidekick we’re used to seeing. This evil Luigi appears to have embraced the darkest side of his existence, with a twisted smile and a malicious look. His once-supportive approach has been replaced by a ruthless, sinister character, and his green outfit has become polluted with an unsettling, shadowy color. This is a Luigi who is more than willing to take advantage of the Mushroom Kingdom.


Princess Peach

Evil Princess Peach has embraced the dark side with open arms, no longer the picture of elegance and charity. Her once-flowing blonde hair has been transformed into a sleek, jet-black mane, and her piercing eyes are filled with malevolence. The signature pink robe she usually is seen in has been replaced by a dark plum gown, lending her an air of mystery and menace. The once compassionate demeanor of the princess now conceals a calculating, power-hungry mind. This darker form of Princess Peach is a force to be reckoned with as the puppet master of the Mushroom Kingdom’s underworld.



Yoshi’s transformation is a frightening departure from the beloved, green dinosaur that many have grown to know and love. Yoshi has lost his pleasant, wide-eyed face in favor of a sinister stare that exudes danger and unpredictability. His previously vivid, smooth green skin has been covered with a rough layer of dinosaur scales, and his once endearing features have become pointed and menacing.


The formery kind and helpful Toad has also undergone a startling metamorphosis. His formerly innocent smile has changed into a malevolent leer, and his once adorable mushroom hat now appears threatening and warped. Toad is helping bring chaos and turbulence to the tranquil Mushroom Kingdom with the help of his stubby arms and legs, which are suddenly bursting with tremendous strength.

From the dependable friend and ally we have grown to know over the years, this malevolent Toad is a far from what we’re used to.

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