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Drumroll, a new study from has revealed that the Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL. 

Do you agree?

Research by analyzed eight metrics including social media followers, engagement and average likes, the average home, away and total attendance, and the average money spent on merchandise annually as well as food and drinks at games. These metrics were each given a score out of 10 and combined.  

1 – Dallas Cowboys  

The research shows that the Dallas Cowboys are the team with the best fans. They have the highest average attendance at home (93,465) and in total (82,915). A survey conducted on fans of every NFL team found that Dallas Cowboys fans are some of the biggest spenders, spending an average of $279.81 on merchandise, and $147.68 on food and drink inside the stadium. This shows fans willing to not just turn up in droves to support their team at games, but also wanting to represent their team by wearing their merchandise.   

2 – San Francisco 49ers 

The 49ers have the highest engagement rate on social media with 2.96%, showing fans are present online as well as at games. Even on the road 49ers fans have one of the highest average away attendances (70,571). Their total average attendance is also one of the highest at 71,131. Fans also spend on average around $210.31 on merch annually, which is higher than many other fanbases.  

3 – Kansas City Chiefs  

The Kansas City Chiefs have the third-best fans in the NFL according to the research. Much like the 49ers the Chiefs have a high engagement rate at 2.51%, and average 66,608 likes per post on their socials. The Chiefs have a solid average home attendance of 73,499 and 70,764 away. However, compared to the teams in first and second Chiefs fans have been reported to spend less on merch ($170.45) and food and drink ($87.11) 

4 – Los Angeles Rams 

The Rams also boast a good engagement rate online of 2.30%. Coupled with their total average attendance of 69,175 the Rams fanbase is strong on and offline. Surveys also showed that on average Rams fans spent $332.08 annually on merchandiseone of the highest averages. However, on game days fans on average spend $99.47 which is slightly lower when compared to other fanbases in the league. 

5 – Seattle Seahawks 

The Seahawks have the fifth-best fans in the NFL. Data shows that Seahawks fans engage online, averaging 60,018 likes per post. This online engagement of fans also transfers to offline action as on average 69,335 fans make it to game days spending an average of $98.75. This is slightly lower than some other teams, but nonetheless, the support at game days and online helps them stay fifth in this list. 

6 – Las Vegas Raiders 

The Raiders have a 1.89% engagement rate on social media and an average of 40,000 likes which is above the league average of 1.52% and 28,008 likes. Raiders fans are consistent with their away support as an average of 69,953 attend games on the road. Fans also spend on average $226.49 annually on merchandise.   

7 – Pittsburgh Steelers  

The Steelers are seventh in this list. With over 3,400,000 followers on Instagram, it’s impressive that fans maintain an engagement rate of 1.54%. The Steelers have a total average attendance of 67,722 which is only slightly below the league average of 69,441. Steelers fans also spend on average $119 annually on merch and $115 per game day on food and drink.  

8 – Buffalo Bills 

The Bills have a high engagement rate online of 2.08%, as well as a high overall attendance to games of 69,192. Bills fans are also spending on average $260.86 annually on merchandise so they can represent their teams and show their support.  

9 – New England Patriots  

Patriots have the most followers on Instagram out of any NFL team although a much lower engagement rate (0.57%). They have on average 67,757 fans attending games and spend on average $137.18 while at games. 

10 – Houston Texans 

The Texans fans come in at tenth, with a total average of 68,427 attending games, the Texans have a good support base home and away. As well as turning up to games, fans also represent their team, Texans fans spend the most money out of any team in the NFL on merch annually ($380.17) and also the most on food and drink at games ($169.95).  

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