This Company Guides You Through Your Magic Mushroom Trip

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Have you always wanted to try psychedelics but you’re hesitant? Maybe you will have a bad trip? Maybe something bad will happen to you.

Did you know that there’s a company that can guide you through your magic mushroom journey? Neither did we, but we’re intrigued.

Rob Grover and Gary Logan are the founders of The Journeymen Collective

According to the company, their mission is to create luxury guided magic mushroom retreats in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. They’ve hosted everyone from performers and athletes to entrepreneurs, CEOs, couples and groups.

Gary Logan has explored many ways into stillness of mind and body through fitness, meditation, music and dance, with a primary focus of studying the Alexander Technique with his first teacher in London, England. Everything in Gary’s life, from teaching the Alexander Technique to Healing Touch, culminated into a quantum leap once he embarked on his first shamanic journey to assist him through a time of grief and mild depression.

In 2003, Robert Grover experienced a profound awakening which opened him to knowledge of deeper realms of existence.

They work with spiritual advisors, as well as Head Chef and culinary alchemist, Wysteria Berkow. She blends ayurvedic theories with science of balancing all the 5 flavor profiles, to satiate the palate, allowing your whole being to be elevated, restored and nourished. After experiencing the alchemical food creations, you will be deeply uplifted, light and more connected with self.

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