O.P.I.’s Drip Dry Is A Must-Have Stocking Stuffer For The Nails

OPI, drip dry, manicure, top coat

A great stocking stuffer for most women is nail polish.

O.P.I. has everything you can dream of. You can choose from many colors and add special product for someone who needs special nail care.

I just discovered Drip Dry, which is the most amazing product I have ever tried for my nails. Usually, my manicure needs to be freshened up after 2 days, but with Drip Dry, I can keep perfect nails for a week.

OPI, drip dry, manicure, top coat

I might sound like a paid spokesperson for O.P.I. but I made this must-have discovery all on my own. I promise you, it is true!

Drip Dry is what I am giving to my friends for Christmas.

opi nail polish colors, red nail polish

Check out my selection:

  • Merry & Ice
  • Bubble Bath
  • Red -veal Your Truth 
  • Rust Relaxation 

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