5 Minute Snack Recipes for Football Season

Football season is officially back in full swing and that means SNACKS.

What are the best finger foods and what are the easiest recipes?  TheSoul Publishing, the award-winning publishing co. behind one of the top five YouTube channels, 5-Minute Crafts is sharing some recipes with LATF!

Easy Oreo Cake Pops – Crush a bag of Oreos and combine with cream cheese. Roll into balls and insert a toothpick; then, dip into melted white chocolate and freeze. Yum! (Instructions here)

Elegant Chocolate Rose Cookies – Combine melted chocolate and flour, and then add to a piping bag. Create small spirals on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and then bake. These elevated cookies will add a touch of glamour to watching football at home!

Colorful Popcorn! – Add oil and popcorn kernels to a deep pot, as if you’re making stovetop popcorn. Then, add a secret ingredient…skittles! As the kernels pop, they will become bright, colorful, and the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

If it’s savory you’re looking for:

Don’t want to make chicken wings? Here’s a new idea. Make cheese snacks. Take a rigatoni, staff it with cheese, sauce, bread it, bake it, and serve! More info here.

Love s’mores but no firepit? No problem. Make a smores dip. Put chocolate on the bottom, top with marshmallows, and heat in the oven. Once browned, use graham crackers as dippers! More info here.

Want to represent your favorite team? Make a colored cheese sandwich. Put food dye in shredded cheese, layer it on bread and grill it. It’s delicious and spirited! More info here.

Find even more snack options and instructions in the full video linked here!

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