The Future of Dining is at MainRo

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These days, it feels like Hollywood, California is turning into Gotham City but without the superheroes. Bands of zombies roam the mucky streets and the Walk of Fame stars just don’t shine as bright as they used to. We need a proper distraction from the unpredictable future of this metropolis. Out of the gloom is a red carpet on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Ave. Past the army of security and through the giant doors you are transported into a spectacular space where the glitz and glam thrive. 

MainRo is the futuristic supper club brainchild of entrepreneur and club owner Romain Zago. Known for Mint Lounge and Myn-tu in Miami, Zago spread his hospitality wings transforming the 7,500 sq. ft. space in the heart of the City of Angels. 

Although many restaurants are short-staffed, MainRo does not have that problem. Every guest is treated on a VIP level, greeted by multiple hosts, hostesses and servers. 

It’s a show from the moment you step inside. Angled LED screens of all shapes and sizes adorn the walls and ceilings. Graphics float across the screens, whether it be flames, Buddhas or colorful digital illustrations. Royal blue lounge chairs with tables and dimmed lamps line the two-level main space. 

Maji the manager scopes out the room in his sleek suit; every now and then, he speaks into his security earpiece. The MainRo staff is on-point. After all, they produce multiple mini shows throughout the night and it seems as if they are timed to-a-T.

By the time you are sipping on your glass of Champagne or craft cocktail, the lights have dimmed and a trumpet player rises from the mechanically controlled stage. In between the performances, eclectic music plays; from Cher to a techno remix of Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage.” 

Throughout the evening, a singer drifts through the room under a spotlight, aerial dancers spin from the ceiling and Brazilian themed dancers take the stage. 

mainro, restaurant review, los angeles

The menu is Asian fusion inspired with a fair amount of Wagyu dishes. Whether it’s the Wagyu & Truffle Nigiri with 24k gold flakes and truffle or the Wagyu Beef Taco with avocado purée, tofu sauce and white truffle oil; each bite is a little bit of luxury for the taste buds. 

Although, they have showy dishes like the 8 oz. Hennessy Filet Mignon, one of their best entrees is the French Orange Duck. It’s slow roasted to perfection. Marinated in a mandarin orange sauce, it simply melts in your mouth. 

MainRo also offers vegetarian dishes, including Cauliflower Tempura and Vegan Truffle Risotto. 

mainro, restaurant review, los angeles

The wonderful thing about their menu is that you can ‘go-big’ with Caviar and Prime Steaks, or you can taste a few bites from their Sushi to their Starters throughout the evening. I recommend the Wagyu Gyozas in sesame oil and the Lobster Maki. 

If you’re not the clubbing kind, be sure to order dessert before 9:00-9:30 PM. Taste their Chocolate Mousse Cake and Lemon Sorrento before the dining tables transform into night club lounge tables. Actually, they quite literally transform. 

mainro, restaurant review, los angeles

MainRo is a feast for the eyes in more ways than one. Its futuristic decor combined with the old-fashioned supper club theme is unique, setting it a part from your typical night club. 

As our technology, automobiles and ways of communication evolve… perhaps so should our dining. 

MainRo gives you a taste of the future. 


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