4,000 Beagles Need Forever Homes, Adopt One Here

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Over a week ago Helen Woodward Animal Center released the story of over 4,000 beagles rescued from a Virginia mass lab-testing breeding facility, after an investigation uncovered inhumane animal treatment.  Last Sunday, 43 of these beagles arrived at the Center as the slow process of getting the huge number of canines out to rescue facilities began.  News of their story has touched the hearts of animal-lovers across the globe.

As these deserving pups begin to heal and discover life beyond a kennel, Helen Woodward Animal Center is happy to announce the ADOPTION APPLICATION PLAN kicking off today, Friday, July 29th.

The story of the Virginia beagles has been a shocking one.  Considered the Humane Society of the United States’ ‘largest rescue operation ever,’ a seven-month investigation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found over 70 Animal Welfare Act violations and ignited outrage surrounding this sort of breeding and its devastation.

If there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel, it is the overwhelming love that has been pouring into Helen Woodward Animal Center via emails, phone calls, donations, and inquiries.  The donations raised  over the last week, in honor of the beagles, are currently closing in on $24,000.  The Center’s Amazon Wish List, set up to assist the beagles, has received over 400 items.  Social media shares and emails filled with loving messages have been arriving from people across the country.

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Heartwarmingly, Helen Woodward Animal Center adoptions staff report that over 200 adoption request calls have come in from California, Arizona, and the surrounding states, and from further states such a Hawaii and Alaska.  Beagle adoption interest is even coming from far off locations such as the Northwest Territory in Canada and Australia.

“We are amazed and so touched by the response and the donations,” stated Helen Woodward Animal Center VP of Development Renee Resko.  “These beagles are just some of many animals we’ve been honored to help this year.  I think the sheer number of these beagles has really been eye-opening to so many people and has helped remind the public how many lives are in need of rescue.”

Today, the 43 beagles received from the Envigo breeding facility are getting closer to finding their homes.  Although there had been hopes to begin the adoption process today, observations from Center staff and foster families have altered that plan.   Each of the 43 beagles need spay/neuter surgery and due to the large number of litters many of the females have had, recovery time will take a bit longer than normal.  Additionally, all of the beagles have dental needs due to the unhealthy diets they survived on over the last many years.

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During recovery from these surgeries and dental procedures, all beagles will return to foster families for continued socialization inside a loving home.  Additionally, the timid nature of these beagles can be heightened when exposed to crowds and new experiences, dictating a gentle approach to adoption meet-and-greets.  Instead of being inundated by hundreds of people hoping to meet them, potential adopters are asked to request an appointment and will be assigned a time and date, based upon their lifestyle compatibility with a rescue beagle.

For those interested in adoption, please review the details below and follow the link to apply to adopt.


      • Must live in a 500-mile radius of the Center
      • Have experience with beagles and/or apprehensive dogs
      • Have a fenced yard
      • Some older beagles will need to go home with older children (12)
      • Approved application


·         A gentle dog sibling

·         A home with at least one family member who works from home

Due to the high volume of adoption requests received, Helen Woodward Animal Center Staff will be contacting potential adopters after applications have been submitted.

Please find the adoption application at

For information on adopting, please click on or call (858)756-4117 ext. 1.

You may also stop by Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road, in Rancho Santa Fe.

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