What Inspired Jenny Cho’s Met Gala Hairstyles For HoYeon Jung And Lucy Boynton?

Lucy Boynton, Jenny Cho, HoYeon Jung 

This year’s 2022 Met Gala theme left plenty of room for interpretation.

The Met announced that their Costume Institute’s 2022 spring exhibition would be In America: An Anthology of Fashion—the second of a two-part presentation—exploring the foundations of American fashion through a series of sartorial displays featuring individual designers and dressmakers who worked in the United States from the 19th to the mid-late 20th century.

Celebrities were dressed for a specific theme, which many are calling ‘Gilded Glamour’ celebrating The Gilded Age. Coined by Mark Twain, The Gilded Age spanned from 1870 to 1900. The era term derived from Twain and Charles Dudley Warner’s 1873 novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, which satirized an era of serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding.

Celebrity hairstylist and 2022 Hollywood Beauty Awards winner, Jenny Cho created the hairstyles for “Squid Games” actress HoYeon Jung and actress Lucy Boynton. Using ghd hair products, Jenny found inspiration from film.

“Gilded era of the richness felt very much like the inspiration for Lucy. Looking at the softness of the hair and body in portrait paintings of that era, I immediately envisioned a character from a movie, Nastassja Kinski from Paris Texas,” Jenny said.

To get Lucy Boynton’s hairstyle look, Jenny shares the step by step process:

  1. Part the hair in the center using the ghd tail comb ($22) to get a precise part.
  2. Next, dry the hair using the ghd helios professional hair dryer ($279) and the ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 2 ($35) for the back of the head and ghd ceramic vented radial brush size 3 ($40) on the sides to get a beautiful bouncy blow out. This professional-quality hair dryer is lighter, faster and provides smoother results with 30% more shine.
  3. To complete the look, polish the ends of the hair using the ghd curve soft curl iron ($199) to create a bend at the ends and finish with a hair oil for added shine.

When it comes to rising star, HoYeon Jung’s look, Jenny said: “I was inspired by all the soft curls and the brushed out curls and textures you see in paintings from the era. There were so many fantastic references for me to consider when planning Hoyeon’s look. The soft updos of the time period and subtlety of pulled out curled fringes along with the wisps around the hairline felt organic and romantic yet not overly done. This period was known for a playful time where women had fun with their hair. They made their own rules and did what made them feel beautiful. I really love that about that time and age. I envisioned seeing Hoyeon in a long flowy texture as a nod to the era but a modern version that would play well into the theme with her contemporary Louis Vuitton dress. I wanted to make sure that her hair didn’t distract from the details of the beautifully cut out dress in the front, so I pulled her hair up into a half-up knot and allowed for the rest of her hair to flow naturally.”

Here’s what you need to do to get HoYeon’s look: 

  1. Start by applying a volumizing spray to add a little grit to the hair’s texture and brush through the hair evenly using the ghd detangling comb ($22).
  2. Next, create a center part using the ghd tail comb ($22) and blow dry the hair back to smooth it out using the ghd helios professional hair dryer ($279) and ghd oval dressing brush ($40).
  3. Once the hair is completely dry, start from the nape of the neck and take 1⁄2 inch sections of the hair and wrap it using the ghd curve thin wand ($199). Work the whole head in 1⁄2 inch sections. Separate the curls by brushing the hair with the ghd oval dressing brush ($40) for added volume. The versatile wand is perfect for enhancing naturally curly textures, transforming straight hair or creating waves, for a beautifully defined finish.
  4. Next, gather the top and sides of the hair at the front into a half-up knot and secure it with bobby pins.
  5. To complete the look, apply a hair oil and brush the bottom portion of the hair to create a light and airy texture with separation.

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