Billionaire Kim Kardashian Adds More To Her Wallet With Beyond Meat Partnership

kim kardashian, beyond meat

Because the one thing that Kim Kardashian needs is… more money. According to Forbes, the mega-influencer is worth a whopping $1.8 billion and counting.

With plentiful brands, from Skims to KKW Beauty, she has now partnered with Beyond Meat, Inc. as their… drumroll… professional tastemaker.

The press release refers to Kim as an icon synonymous with impeccable taste in food, fashion, beauty and more. Not sure if we agree with that description. We do have to hand it to her, she really knows how to bring that revenue in. Or, is that her mother/manager Kris Jenner?

So, what will Kim be doing with Beyond Meat exactly? Basically, fancy taste testing and Kardashian approving food.

“I’ve been focusing on going more plant-based and can tell you that Beyond Meat is my absolute favorite – I love how all their products not only taste amazing but are also good for me and my family. Plus, my kids are obsessed with my Beyond Beef® taco recipe, the Beyond Burger® for BBQs and Beyond Chicken® Tenders for a quick snack,” said Kim.

“As my fans know, my fridge and freezer are fully stocked with Beyond Meat’s products and I’m so thrilled to be featured in the campaign as its Chief Taste Consultant to inspire people to include Beyond Meat in their diets.”

To celebrate the new role, Kim is sharing her favorite Beyond Meat products through Beyond Meat’s newsletter that will include exclusive offers, recipes, content and more.

To sign up, go to

“I am really inspired by Beyond Meat’s mission and love that they are not only making plant-based eating delicious and accessible, but are doing so in a way that benefits both people and the planet. It’s empowering to know that the small changes I’m making for my family, like incorporating more Beyond Meat into our meals, can add up to make a big impact,” Kim added.

It turns out that Beyond Meat has a handful of celebrity ambassadors, from Kevin Hart and Shay Mitchell to Snoop Dogg and Liza Koshy.

We’re all for an eco-animal friendly mission, but we’re just wondering how much it costs to slap Kim Kardashian on your brand?

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