5 Weight Loss Tips From Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

We first introduced Dr. Jeffrey Tucker as the laser expert in the chiropractic field. Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Tucker has been in practice for the past 30 years on the westside of Los Angeles. He has completed advanced education and clinical training in rehabilitation, sports medicine, nutrition, and functional exercise training.

Dr. Tucker often lends his advice to various health factors and issues. In his latest newsletter, he shares 5 Keys To Healthy Weight:

1. ONE thing has to change!

One bad habit allowed you to gain weight. By changing one bad habit, you can promote weight loss. Make better choices!

For example, pick one of these: no bread, no sugar, stop eating 3 hours before bedtime, less/no alcohol, no processed food, start walking, go to sleep earlier, get in shape, eat smaller amounts, add in regular exercise, hydrate better, practice some stress management. Let’s make this the time you lose weight.

2. Start NOW!

Patients that look me in the eye and say “I’ll start now,” really start now!

Viruses and bacteria reproduce at an amazing rate – doubling their populations routinely in hours. If you wait many hours, or even a day before starting treatment, you’ll be trying to kill billions of microbes instead of thousands. The longer you wait to start, the more fat in your cells you must deal with. So, my point is to start immediately, because the sooner you start, the higher your success will be.

3. Have a plan!

I ask patients “Do you have a strategy to lose weight?” If you say, ‘yes’ my response is ‘I’ll give you 2 weeks to show me it’s working’. If you say ‘no’ I’ll likely refer you to Ideal Protein and Jim who works in my office as my fat loss coach. We offer remote (telephone) coaching now. Call (310) – 444 – 9393 to start your Ideal Protein plan today!

The Ideal Protein program has predictability and certainty. We offer good food choices AND you get to learn good eating behaviors. Jim is great at helping you identify “triggers” in advance and then plan solutions. For example, after a long day at work, when you’re hungry, tired, and stressed out, you may be inclined to reach for junk food. What’s your plan of attack?

4. What do you want your life to look like?

That simple question is my favorite question to ask. I want to know your hopes and vision. Let’s agree that changing your path is optional. I literally do mean changing your path. If you walk from the parking garage through the kitchen as soon as you get home (which leads to you eating a bag of chips), then try walking through the front door instead. Everything has an alternate route. You get the picture.

I don’t want to hear your obstacles and rationalizations. I want you to eat like an adult and not a kid and together we come up with solutions that will help you stay on track.

5. Use a Food Friend or Coach!

Most dietitians recommend keeping a food journal. These can be helpful and certainly one of the easiest steps to take. But even more than that, I notice dieters that come into the office regularly or have weekly phone calls with a coach or friend seem to stick to their plan more diligently. Don’t try to sneak in a snack here and there. Write it down or tell your coach. We want you to be successful without judging. I get how calories can add up quickly. Having a coach and keeping a food journal is the best way to go.

In my office, we track what the scale says, measurements, and body composition with a machine. It doesn’t matter how you track your progress; it just matters that you do.


I’ve seen these five simple lifestyle changes help many people lose weight!

1. Change one lifestyle thing. One change will keep you successful long-term.

2. Don’t wait— start now! 

3. Make sure you have a strategy! Be honest— If you need help, ask for it.

4. What’s your longevity vision? — Dream about what you physically want to look like and what you want your life to look like. 

5. Keep company with a food friend or coach.

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