Peloton Launches YouTube Series With Joe Jonas & Usain Bolt

Peloton announced a new YouTube series titled On the Leaderboard With Peloton, where star guests get real about what it takes to show up and work out with Peloton Instructors. Peloton dropped a special trailer teasing the launch of the first two episodes featuring the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt and international pop icon, songwriter and actor Joe Jonas.

The new series consists of YouTube videos, each about 10 minutes long, where one Instructor will interview a celebrity guest with easy-to-answer, rapid fire questions that will accelerate over the duration of the workout, coupled with slower, built-in moments that allow for harder hitting questions and deep responses. These fun and engaging conversations will be centered around the role fitness plays in preparation for the spotlight, and each special guest is a Peloton Member from sports, entertainment, music and more, with one thing in common—they prioritize their health and fitness.

With On the Leaderboard, Peloton not only entertains viewers but also demonstrates how the brand is evolving its content and entertainment, giving Members and non-Members alike a special glimpse at the Peloton experience.

First Up – Usain Bolt and Jess Sims! 

The first episode kicks off with On the Leaderboard With….Usain Bolt on the Peloton Tread, paired with Peloton Instructor Jess Sims. Catch Usain and Jess on Wednesday, April 13 when the first episode of On the Leaderboard drops on Peloton’s YouTube Channel. Watch as Jess puts Usain through the paces, peppering him with rapid fire questions, leaving the decorated athlete drenched in sweat!

“There is nothing more gratifying than making the fastest man in the world work hard on the Tread!” said Peloton Instructor Jess Sims. “But, honestly the best part of hanging out with Usain was laughing together as we worked up a sweat. It was like I’ve known him my whole life, like we are teammates getting through a tough practice together.”

Keep an Eye Out for Joe Jonas and Olivia Amato 

Next up is On the Leaderboard With…Joe Jonas, alongside Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato on the Peloton Tread as well. Watch Peloton’s social media channels for more details around when this equally humorous episode will drop. If you want to see how Joe navigates Olivia’s tough questions (do you believe in ghosts?!), you will have to tune in!

“On the Leaderboard showcases the core of what Peloton brings to people’s lives – movement, community and of course, music,” said Peloton Instructor Olivia Amato. “I’m so excited for viewers to join along with Joe Jonas and I while we chat, sing, workout and just overall have a blast!”

Additional guests and episodes will roll out in the future. Watch the @onepeloton social media channels and subscribe to Peloton’s YouTube Channel channel for more.

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